Esportes Estão Entre os Principais Hobbies dos Brasileiros

Different sports are popular in Brazil. Among the modalities known and practiced by Brazilians are football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and handball. In addition to being sports that are taught in specific schools about each sport, they are also part of Brazilian hobbies.


The latest survey carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics pointed out that football was the most practiced sport by Brazilians. Among the reasons found by experts as reasons why Brazilian citizens practice this modality are the coverage in media channels, as well as the historical popularity of football.

The fact that Brazilians like football has made this market develop even more in recent years. Streaming platforms, betting sites and applications that allow you to follow games in real time were some of the launches that allowed Brazilians to engage even more with this sport.

Increased coverage for live streaming of events

One of the elements that made Brazilians adopt football as one of their main sports for hobbies was the greater availability of platforms with live transmission of matches of this sport. After all, whether by cell phone or computer, it is possible to follow live games.

The sporting beta platform helps to understand which type of service maximized the engagement of football fans in Brazil. Within the websites that broadcast live events, you can follow the matches in real time and know which team is winning the match without having to stay in front of the television.

These platforms were developed in order to allow you to watch your favorite game no matter where you are. That is, both in the queue at the bank and on the way to work, it is possible to watch football matches. This, in turn, further increased the popularity of this sport.

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After all, now people can watch your team’s football games. In this way, they feel more motivated to practice this sport. Since the fact of following a sport is already a great indication that this modality is a hobby for those who watch.

Electronic games gain space

It is undeniable that several other sports have also gained space in the world of hobbies. And one of them was precisely eSports. Also known as electronic games, these games have exclusive features and adaptability to different types of devices.

The Game Brasil Survey exposed the scenario of the electronic games world in Brazil, showing the growth of this market and the profile of the Brazilian gamer. When analyzing the survey results, it is possible to see that there is a great tendency for players to prefer smartphones to play games.

In addition, both new and more experienced players are part of this world, whether having them as hobbies or playing professionally. Regardless of the player’s objective, it is a fact that eSports have definitely entered the list of hobbies for Brazilian sports fans.

Expectation is for even more growth in sports as hobbies

As sports streaming and live streaming platforms gain more popularity among Brazilians, the expectation is that sport will gain even more space among Brazilians’ hobbies. Whether you are fans of football, video games, or any other sport, there are sites that have complete coverage of events, calendar, statistics and much more.

In addition, companies are investing heavily in improving the mobile experience for sports fans. Soon, there will be even more resources for those who like to use apps or websites via smartphone browsers to follow their sports and, consequently, have moments of distraction watching their hobby.

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